Politics without a future

There's all this talk about a future to believe in, about incrementalism, about progress.
Politics imagined as a path, a movement, a set of adjustments to the machine. 
The future is utopic. It's not a place. It doesn't feed you.
Immediacy. The conditions of our existence are effaced and replaced.
Policy wonks, strategies and goals. 
Quarterly earnings reports. 

I imagine politics something other than this future dreaming, this deferral.
First, an engagement with the given.
 Politics isn't about coming to an agreement. About finding the best compromise.
 It isn't about a sober assessment of the facts. 
 It isn't about being realistic.
 The moment of the political is the moment when one breaks from the given. 
 When one changes the very terms of the debate. It is not slowly moving towards another possible world.
 It is an intimate engagement with the possible. 
 About demanding the impossible and suddenly seeing it become the given.
 it's about that violent shove that tips the center of gravity.
 That throws us into a new orbit. 
 Everything seems impossible until it's already happened.
 I am always suspicious of someone's politics when it is realistic.
 Realism is what is given.
 It is the last resort of this broken system.
 Ideology says it is not ideological.
 Hegemony urges us to be realistic.
 Both are hostile to imagination, even as they sell us their "imaginative" futures.
 We don't want their future. 
 We want to recognize the immanent politics of the utterance of the impossible. 
 That is the first moment of the political: 
 The break from consensus reality.
 The impossible demand. 
 The spoken unspeakable. 
 The second moment like wise is immediate. 
 It is the autonomist perspective. 
 Direct action to secure the necessary conditions of existence. 
 Don't not ask permission for some future world.
 Or come to a carefully crafted agreement or a strategic plan.
 Forget the future.
 Figure out how to manifest a different reality within and against.

 A temporality apart from the straight line. 
 The temporality of the mushroom bloom, the spark.
 The wild irruptions of a becoming apart.

Hacking Rent: A Proposal for Venture Communist Housing Cooperatives and Rent Control

The following is proposed model for funding and creating housing cooperatives. I must admit upfront that I am neither a programmer nor a lawyer, nor even someone who has extensive knowledge of housing cooperatives. All that aside, I believe that this model does propose something that is distinctively new, taking advantage of emerging digital technologies and existing models of housing cooperatives to decommodify housing and establish a decentralized  system of rent control.

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The Mask as Political Technology, or, Todos Somos Satoshi Nakamoto

The  uproar  over the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto reminds  me of another search for the true identity of a masked psuedonynomous  figure:  Subcommandante Marcos,  the zapatistarevolutionary. The connection between the cases  of Subcommandante Marcos and Satoshi Nakamoto are illuminating, helping throw into relief the politics of the mask and the compulsive desire we have to ascribe causation to things.  My goal with this post is not to enter the debate over the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto but to focus on the  politics of psuedonymity and the mask.

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Radicalization, Reform and the Heresy of Immanent Critique

What is to be done in the face of fundamentalist violence? What is the response to terror which disperses rather than affirms it, that disrupts its logic of differentiation? What is the role of empathy, compassion and love for radicals? 

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Endurance and Exhaustion

"Precarity is the condition of having to endure despite  the toll."

A longer reflection, written while at work  (excuse the length, the  rambling and the typos), about the relation between precarity, exhaustion, endurance and self care.   

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The Grayish Struggle of the Kurds

In my piece on the Grayzone, I had to cut a significant section about the Rojava revolution. This is perhaps for the better as I am neither an expert Kurdish history or struggle nor did that section really fit with the rest of the article. That said, the manner in which a discussion of Rojava always seems excessive or beside the point speaks to exactly the manner in which Rojava exists in the Grayzone, a space of illegibility. Expanding the domain of the possible, the Rojava revolution is the politics of the elsewhere and the otherwise. I also believe that the ecology and temporality of the struggle for democratic autonomy offer profound lessons for our movements about how we relate to time and life.  Here is what I had originally written before substantial editing: 

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In Defense of the Grayzone

"Planting one’s feet in the Grayzone and looking at the forces arrayed against it, the attacks of ISIS and subsequent jingoistic and military maneuvers of the West appear not as skirmishes in an almighty Clash of Civilizations but rather as different moments of a single strategy carried out by a Janus-faced power, a strategy intent on bringing about the extinction of the Grayzone. This is to say, the targets of the Paris attacks were not primarily the civilians killed but the world they inhabited, one not yet divided into two civilizations on the brink of total war."

I piece I wrote was just published in Roar Magazine. Check it out. 

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