Bios? Zoe? Neti, Neti. 

Neti, Neti: not this, not that. 

That self? "that which has been described as not this, not that". 
The subject? just a "metaleptical substitution of cause for effect"

(Pause for effect.)

Antinomians don't have names.
Antinomians resist individualization and professionalization.
Your website that is part of your project of marketing yourself?
Perhaps necessary,
 certainly boring,
most definitely a trap,
a mechanism of capture.

The Zapatistas teach us that we put on masks to become visible.
And what is a person if not a persona if not a mask anyway? 
In the middle of the riot, friends recognize those behind the mask without reducing them to a name.

The pseudonym is a handle which does not grasp. 
The pseudonym evades the cunning of recognition. 
The pseudonym is recognized only by friends. 

Make friends. Put things in common. Annihilate the Self.

Correspondence is the logistical moment of friendship. 
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Towards the creative nothing.