Commune with the Dead Matriarchs

I love America, in the blasphemous, heretical way that ginsberg does. When I when I think of America, I think of those radicals, those who never belonged, the border crossers, the exiles, the refugees who remained other, who fought and imagined other ways of being. Their spirits are all around us and I want to pay homage and commune with them, with these cosmopolitan rebel spirits. Here is to three of the most powerful of these spirits, women of course, because they were the bravest and the most strong. 

I want to sit next to Emma Goldman's grave  in Chicago and pass around a bottle of whisky. I would be there with my friends and comrades, many lovers. We would light a candle we had made with our own beeswax and leave a bag we had sewn ourselves. The bag would pay homage to her life, in the front pouch condoms, plan-B, RU-486. In the bag itself, an unopened box of Ticonderoga pencils, to remind her of her early days in New York when a single pencil was a prized possession, and a loaded revolver, one that won't jam.

At Bard, we will gather around Hannah Arendt, her body below us. For her, a box of cigarettes and some stamps so she can send letters to her friends. Around the grave, we will pass around a bottle of red wine, from the same part of France she worked in to help refugees fleeing the third reich. We will already be well fed, our homes sorted out, and tell tales of her great deeds, tales that she would have never imagined being told of her and she will return to us, new, different, the life beyond death, the ultimate rejection of finitude.

In Santa Cruz, vamos a encender velas around Gloria Andalzua. We will be a heretical cabal, brujas, queers, poets, even some of those gringos who never belonged. We will scatter rose petals and hablamos in English and Spanish, embracing our wild tongues. We will write poetry and invoke her power to bless our dynamite we will use to blow a hole in the wall of detention centers. 



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