not to ascribe Causation to things

James Curry IV is a digital artist/poet/theorist/self-created reality TV star/auto-poetic author function whose medium is the blog and digital expression. There are at least a thousand more things to say about him. He defines his aesthetics as the Aesthetics of the Overwhelming. Here is a cross-posting, an entanglement of feeds, of a poem/post/screed/theological intervention from his blog today. 

the anthropology department’s been very kind to me this year thus far. And it’s nice,…. i’d held a grudge on a certain professor here, for i guess two years? i had good reason to be angry i suppose but after a while you lose the energy. and to be true it is much more pleasant to be on good terms with everybody. and this isn’t happiness,no as solon said “count no man happy until he is dead” no But. maybe i’ll say there’s a certain joy to things these days. a certain exhaustion, too,yes and an everpresent angst but i really do swear to god that since this semester started, it’s felt easier to walk around in the world(less anxiety, less selfloathing&reproach, less despair) yea in a way that’s, like… there’s a new ease to things, less fear in my soul… 
)                                      ))) ) )      )            )                                    )
                    not to ascribe Causation to things, but maybe some inchoate part ofm y soul has fallen in love with the boundless immanence of God, and in doing so become vibrant, content to move as it does. O what a joy, to fall in love with the right things(( yes , and i do mean the right things, but don’t get me wrong  ! no i am no proselytizer, perhaps a prophet—garbage prophet, prophet of trash(apocrypha) and of doomsday(apocalypse), an apoco-prophet—but no missionary, all i mean to say is that i’ve got my priorities straight. I worship my self and all those others who make that self good and no more.; thanks is given to God & family & kin & love and no more ; jackals and fools give to me no grace, and i to them no thanks.    (              (   (  yesand but it’s not so combative perhaps, Look i want to make my peaces & part of peace means knowing to avoid a belligerent situation | |  |

many have been kind to me and i love the person they ve helpd me become,