I want to —

I want to learn Yiddish and translate long forgotten folk tales, uncovering in them stories that speak of a world on fire with millenarian movements and peasant revolts.

I want to keep bees, create my own candles and have my own ritual spaces.

I want to live in a commune, one where our lives are in common to the extent that the autonomy and sovereignty of the capitalist subject is entirely effaced.

I want to learn German and read Holderlin and Rilke, Luxemburg and the letters between Scholem and Arendt.

I want to write an epic poem about logistics, Mystics and food preservation.

I want to take over the military base, the agricultural test sites, the buildings dedicated to industry, the parking lots and all the other institutions and infrastructure of the settler state. I want to raze them and return the land to the descendants of those whose ancestors held that land in common before genocide and dispossession.

I want to know silence.

I want to practice dark rites.

I want to organize a class of occult cryptography for the kids at freeschools who aren't learning math.

I want to efface the wanting-I.

I want to affirm a diasporic conception of life that doesn't rely on territorial claims but on co-existence established through a shared commons.

I want to commune with all life without the genocidal intent of misanthropy.

I want to abolish the value form and the notion of inherent valuation. A radical re-evaluation.

I want to live elsewhere and otherwise.

I want to dance this spiral dance for ever.

I want to walk from here to the Bronx, bus from there to DF and bike all the way back.

I want to soar angelic.

I want to experience the groundless nothing from which my finitude is constructed.


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