On Ephemera and Affiliate Links

note: a series of reflections on questions around digital value, the role of pseudonymity and the value form has lead to a decision to forgo affiliate links. This is an evolving project, and not a strange attempt at self-aggrandizement and commodification of writing. 

I originally created this blog as a space that would encourage me to develop a regular writing practice. However, dreams of a regular writing practice regularly go unfulfilled for me. As such, this blog was embarrassingly stark. Recently, however, I began to reconceptualizing the purpose of the blog as a space not just for personal or longer reflections but as a way of gathering my writing together into one place.

This archival gathering serves several functions, which I want to be very open about: 

  1. I find that I often really like the writing I do on Facebook. Without the pressures of consulting texts or finding citations and with the added need of being clear to a broader audience, I find it is often the clearest summation of my thoughts. I hope to preserve and make available these pieces of writing beyond the ephemeral comments and closed groups of Facebook.
  2. I don't like the idea that Facebook "owns" that writing. If people want to read my thoughts, I don't want to pressure them to join Facebook. Many of my good friends don't use Facebook and I wish I was as brave as them. 
  3. Closely related to the last point, I don't want to generate content for Facebook which they monetize. By putting the writing on my blog and utilizing amazon affiliate links, I take partial control of the monetization of my writing in the digital space. While I have some pretty serious hesitations about Amazon Affiliate links, I think I'm going to stick with them for the time being.