Bordering of Grief, Suspension of Thought

The following is from something I was writing about the Grayzone, but it didn't really fit... I like it as a piece of writing though so I am going to leave it here.

The attacks in Paris last Friday sent ripples of shock though Western media outlets, social and otherwise, and elicited an tremendous collective outpouring of grief. Yet, as many were quick to note, this response stood in stark contrast to reactions to similar attacks in other parts of the world, like those occurring only days before in Beirut and Iraq. Yet, these divergent responses are hardly surprising. For those accustomed to the promise of invulnerability bestowed upon people with white skin, the Paris attacks were fundamentally different. What was shocking about this attack was that suddenly, like so many others are forced to contend with on a daily basis, the unmarked Western subject was forced to grapple with its own precarity, the vulnerable condition of having a body upon which violence can be inflicted. 

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of the haeresis of spirit

The intersections of profanation and haeresis here are key, the point is not to try and escape, create your own language, use your own tools... is that ever even possible? Probably not. Rather, it is to open up new spaces by using these tools against themselves, to use the masters tools in a way they were never intended, not to destroy the master's house but to abscond with the master's tools, using them in a way they were never intended to create our own houses, houses which will allow us to escape, to abandon, flee and desert the master's house. 

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Commune with the Dead Matriarchs

I love America, in the blasphemous, heretical way that ginsberg does. When I when I think of America, I think of those radicals, those who never belonged, the border crossers, the exiles, the refugees who remained other, who fought and imagined other ways of being. Their spirits are all around us and I want to pay homage and commune with them, with these cosmopolitan rebel spirits. Here is to three of the most powerful of these spirits, women of course, because they were the bravest and the most strong.

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