In Defense of the Grayzone

"Planting one’s feet in the Grayzone and looking at the forces arrayed against it, the attacks of ISIS and subsequent jingoistic and military maneuvers of the West appear not as skirmishes in an almighty Clash of Civilizations but rather as different moments of a single strategy carried out by a Janus-faced power, a strategy intent on bringing about the extinction of the Grayzone. This is to say, the targets of the Paris attacks were not primarily the civilians killed but the world they inhabited, one not yet divided into two civilizations on the brink of total war."

I piece I wrote was just published in Roar Magazine. Check it out. 

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Commune with the Dead Matriarchs

I love America, in the blasphemous, heretical way that ginsberg does. When I when I think of America, I think of those radicals, those who never belonged, the border crossers, the exiles, the refugees who remained other, who fought and imagined other ways of being. Their spirits are all around us and I want to pay homage and commune with them, with these cosmopolitan rebel spirits. Here is to three of the most powerful of these spirits, women of course, because they were the bravest and the most strong.

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