I grew up immersed in aural cultures: books before bedtime, morning edition and the writers almanac before catching the school bus. Here are the podcasts that help me pass the time, that inform and entertain, allow me to happily exist never alone with myself, always distracted. I have only included the ones that I love, that are intelligent, that consistently have great stores, that I am excited to listen to and that push the creative boundaries of radio.

"The War and Peace Report" 

"The War and Peace Report" 

Democracy Now!In a country without much investigative journalism or critical media, Democracy Now!, released every weekday morning, is crucial. The headlines include news regularly ignored or passed over and the show includes indepth reporting, interviews, discussion and debates which seriously challenge imperialism, capitalism, racism, borders, the ecological crisis and so much more without compromising journalistic integrity. Listen to it every morning. 


Home of the Brave - Scott Carrier, to much of a rebel for public radio, has this beautiful podcast. His stories range from poetic accounts of rafting down rivers to journalistic pieces the burning black churches. Running through them, conveyed in his humble way, are deeply heretical beliefs. He questions private property, borders, racism.  It is the poetry of an inquisitive, humble wanderer at war with those forces seeking to transform the world into a homogenous, smooth plane of existence. 


99% Invisible - Turning a close eye to the architecture and infrastructure of our lives, 99% Invisible brings into focus the built world that too often slips into the background.

99% Invisible



Theory of Everything


Death Sex & Money


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The Ex-Worker

The Heart

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Life of the Law

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