Curiosity and finitude. The desire to read is an encounter with the limits of one's own time. 
Here is an ever evolving, morphing irregularly updated list of books that "I" want to read, my own encounter with finitude: 

Los Ritmos de Patchuki
Forma Valor y Forma Comunidad
El Otro Marx
La Praxis Estética
The Messianic Idea in Judiasm
Who Counts? The Mathematics of Death and Life after Genocide
Frames of War: When is Life Grievable?
The Deportation Regime: Sovereignty, Space and the Freedom of Movement
A Thousand Plateaus
The Politics of Friendship
The Problem with Work: Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics, and Postwork Imaginaries
Philosophical Investigations (L.W.)
On the Shore of Politics
Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness
Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction
After the Future
Living with a Wild God
Edgework: Critical Essays on Knowledge and Politics
Revelation and Revolution: Basic Writings of Thomas Mounter
Movement and the Ordering of Freedom: On Liberal Governances of Mobility
Nationalism and the Imagination
Willful Subjects
The Book of Ladders
Politics and Letters: Interviews with New Left Review
De Anima
Guide for the Perplexed
Words on Fire
The Trial
Hasidism: Between Ecstasy and Magic
Saturn's Jews: On the Witches Sabbat and Shabbateanism
Old Worlds, New Mirrors: on Jewish Mysticism and 20th Century thought
God Interrupted
Shabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah
Golem: Jewish Magical and Mystical Traditions on the Artificial Anthropoid
Dispersing Power
Rhythms of the Pachakuti: Indigenous Uprising and State Power in Bolivia
The Subsistence Perspective
Luchas por lo Común
Psychoanalysis of Fire
Out of this World: Otherworldly Journeys from Gilgamesh to Albert Einstein
Eros and Magic in the Renaissance
From Dawn to Decadence